19 May 2009


I think it has been absolute fantastic to work with students from another country, to read their own stories and experience.
It have been fun and of course wery interesting to learn more about the greeks and their culture.
All the time it felt very important to write on this blog just because we thought it was interesting to read about their life so I hope they felt the same.
Sometimes i just wonder how they feel about the school, I mean are they tired of the school and do they skip class, how do they feel about alcohol.
I want to know things that the teachers don’t want to hear.

Oskar Nilsson

Summing up the e-twinning


Our names are Michaela and Sofia. We think this project has been funny and very worthwhile. We have a lot of tests because we have some few weeks left of this year. After that we have 10 weeks summer holiday. We think it has been great to read what you have done and things about you. In the summer we are going to get tanned, swim, and eat a lot of ice cream. We hope that the sun will shine every day.

// Mickan and Soffe

We love summer!

hello people!
we think this project has been fun and a good experiance to communicate with other people, who are not Swedish. The thing that we don't like is that you rarely comment our contribution.

It would be fun if we could meet in the reality so we could develop our English, and maybe we could learn you some fun Swedish words and you guys could learn us some.

Soon we have our sommer holiday, it's 10 weeks long and we are really looking forward to it, because we are very tired of school now, how is it for you?

love from Sweden

Ida, Tyra and Malin

15 May 2009


My thoughts about this project have been both positive and negative. Its been fun that we have met the Greeks and Sicilians online. They had very interesting contributions about their school schedule and their spare time and how long school days they have compare to us Swedes. I have felt that I am very lucky that I live in Sweden and don’t have to spend all my days in school and don’t have any spare time to do things I like. It would have been fun to meet the Greeks and Sicilians in real life. I think that would have been a fun experience.
The negative whit this project is that we could have used our time to watch a movie or something else and the Greeks and Sicilians haven’t been so fast to update their page and they could have comment our work more often.
In my summer holiday I will train a lot every day, both football and Floorball I have football 5 times a weak and floorball 3 times and the floorball training will just be Physical training before the real season starts. So I wont have so much time to party and things like that. I will also work three weeks this summer so I have money to spend. And on my sparetime this summer I will be with my friends so much I can and will also go fishing and go to some festivals.

Andre Rova
My thoughts about the project are positive, I get to learn about the way other people in their schools in other countries different then our own.

With this project I improved my English and learned about the culture in Greece and Sicilian school and their way of living.

This is a great thing for young people to get to understand other people and learn how they live, maybe the prejudice we have of each other will disappear.

My last week in school has been all about homework and tests.

Erik Sturk

It has been good meeting you Greek and Sicilian students. We have learned how you live your lives in each country and so on. So yes, it has benefited us!
It would be nice to go and visit your country and see it with our own eyes! You seem to have a nice school. We hope that you have had a good experience learning about our country and got to see how a normal day for us looks like

The last couple of weeks in school have been stressful! It´s a lot going on now, exams and so on! But that’s how it is at the end of the school year; many things must be done before we go to summer holidays.

Hope you have a good summer!
Emil Johansson, Oskar Videhult, Petter Nilsson